We are a group of quilters in the Crossville, Tennessee area whose purpose is to:

1. Encourage the growth, knowledge, and expertise of quilt makers and quilt lovers.

2. Promote the appreciation and awareness of fine quality quilts by sponsoring, supporting, and encouraging quilt-making activities.

3. Promote fellowship and camaraderie between quilters and guilds.

4. Produce and distribute free quilts to organizations or non-profit groups for the use and comfort of needy citizens.
We meet twice a month at the Senior Center on Highway 127 South in Crossville.

Our dues are $10.00 a year due no later than September of each year.

Our business meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month with the exception of August. At each business meeting, members with birthdays during the month are recognized, a block exchange is held, either a program or a book review is presented and time is allowed for 'show and tell' by the members.

A sew-in is held on the third Wednesday of each month when another activity is not being held; i.e., Workshop, Quilt Show, Picnic. At our sew-ins we work on our 'Comfort Quilts' or our own individual projects.

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About Us
Quilt Show
Baby: 36 x 36 to 45 x 45
Lap: 45 x 45 to 60 x 60
Twin 60- 70 x 80- 90"
Veterans Quilts: 45 x 60
Our official documents consist of Bylaws and Standing Rules.

Click here to view the Bylaws updated October 5, 2016

Click here to view the 2018 Standing Rules
Comfort quilts donated to organizations and non-profit groups are created by our members. Members may donate fabric, piece quilt tops, finish quilt tops pieced by others, or create a quilt in its entirety. Our standard sizes are:
Click here for the Workshop Guidelines document.